Editorial Calendar E-Book $19.99

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Editorial Calendar E-Book $19.99

Angie Holden
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 You can create a blog editorial calendar with my latest book....for an entire year for just $19.99! I will show you how to focus your blog and generate ideas for a yearly editorial calendar. Plus you can do this all in a few hours. Don't believe me? Buy the book and give it a try! This is a proven method that has worked time and time again for me and is even based on the way that magazines set an editorial calendar. You really can't go wrong. Get organized and focused on your blog mission in the new year!

Are you overwhelmed with your blog? Never know what to write from day to day? Let me show you how to breathe easier and get maximum results from your blog. These ideas will help you rank in searches, grow your blog, and even cultivate those vital sponsorship relationships. This 42 page ebook is full of everything you need to create that blog calendar including worksheets that will help you to generate ideas and stay on track with your blog mission. The book walks you through a step by step process of honing your mission, generating blog post ideas, then mapping them out in a well laid out plan. We even cover contributors and how to maximize those to work for you and your blog. These ideas will help you to grow in the new year and take that bull by the horns so to speak. Take a look at the table of contents for the book below.

Developing Your Schedule

Blog Schedule Worksheet

Types of Calendars


Top Performing Posts Worksheet

Seasonal Posts Worksheet

Keywords Worksheet

Collaborations Worksheet

Commitments Worksheet

Making Your Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar Checklist


Contributors Worksheet

Sponsored Content

Your Commitments

Using Your Calendar

Wrapping Up


The appendix even contains the worksheets and example calendar pages from my very own site. Yes you get all of my completed worksheets so you can see JUST how I planned my editorial calendar for the year. Don't wait y'all! Make your editorial calendar for next year today! I thought I would give the book to a few friends and get some reactions before offering it up for sale. Here are a few quotes in case you are on the fence about purchasing:

Jessica from Mad in Crafts:

"No joke. I completely changed the way I work my editorial calendar thanks to this ebook. It's a huge stress reliever to be able to have months of content already blocked out."

Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts (among other sites!):

"Thanks for such an awesome ebook! I went through, step-by-step, and have a plan written out for the entire year, for more than one site! I can't wait for 2016 to get here to rock this editorial calendar!"

I have been blogging for over five years and have been using an editorial calendar exclusively for over three of those. In those three years, I have grown my site from 60,000 hits a month to over 500,000 hits a month. I have long term sponsorships that I have cultivated and that have lasted years. I have also grown in search traffic. I believe it is due to the strategies that I have outlined in this book. I have had several requests for my method over the years and I finally decided to spill the beans in one big 42 page ebook. You can grab your copy for just $19.99. 

I want this!
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